Le blue du ciel

The project (BA thesis) is aimed at redesigning an existing editoral
product by using every suitable visual tool to analyze
the message of the original text.
I was assigned “Le blue du ciel” written by Georges Bataille.

The main subject of this book is the relationship with women and the continuos search for happiness, which is defined as unreasonable.    I decided to make an interpretation of this book on two parallel levels. The first one concerns the aesthetic of an intimate object, a personal notebook, as the first person narrator, the figure of Troppman, is nothing else but the alter ego of the autor himself and it seems telling us his reflections and feelings, as it was a diary. The second one is the use of photographic image: another key point of the book is the exasperate description, which is almost   of people and situations particulary relevant. This breaks of the narrative rhytm are significative not for the richness in details but for the emotional moments he's experiencing.
The photographic project is not aimed to tell this obsession in details but to expand even more this moments of great emotions and make them visible for the reader as if we could reexperience the emotions from the main character's mind and memories.
Pictures are total decontextualized to concentrate the attention on the person, on feelings and the emotion binding them to the main caracther.
The subject of the continuous searching for peace, of the blue of the sky despite the nuisances and the disattended hopes, is one of the main them if not the most important in this book and I wanted to recall this idea with the design of the cover.

The Thesis concerns the author's biography, visual and theoretical documentation that helped me to develop the concept and furthermore photos and technical information about the final designed product.

2016 - Milano // design: Alice Fada