This project is as intersemiotic translation of one of the
“Città Invisibili” by Italo Calvino.

The key concept of the city Ottavia is balance: till all its parts collaborate, the structure is not collapsing and it's efficient but only one element is able to make the whole system collaps. This makes the city a dialectic one,it is infact is ,at the same time, very resistent and extremely fragile. That's an invitation to became confident with your own limits and use them in favour of  oneselfes. I decide to translate this concept thus representing surface tension. That's a natural phenomenon that happens because of the coesion of water molecules  and the result is that the liquid surface appears to be wraped up in a very thin film.
That's extremely resistent infact it can bear bugs and leaves an at the same time very fragile:it can be pierced by a needle.

2016 - Milano // design: Alice Fada