Seeking Asylum

Seeking Asylum, developed by Alessandra Puricelli, Alice Fada and Andreas Solhøj Hansen, was created during a master class led by Ted Davis at FHNW HGK Basel.
The idea for the project came from analyzing data from UNHCR about refugee admission in 32 European countries in 2017. The data is translated into a game where two players compete against one another, one taking the role of a refugee and the other playing as European border control.
The game is coded using Basil.js. When the code runs it generates 32 playing fields, and the data about refugee admission is translated into game elements within each field.
The final output, we believe, forms a simulacrum of the refugee experience within the bureaucracy they face when entering Europe.


2019 - Basel // design: Alice Fada, Andreas Solhøj Hansen and Alessandra Puricelli