Soft stoppers

Soft stoppers is an archive book.
The subject is my collection of tampons, pads and pantyliner.

This collection has been grown spontaneously, without my self being aware, since this object are my monthly need and I’ve been always searching for them. This items come from years and year of “experience”  and I realized that even if them are from all over the world, they look very similar. With interesting difference, but essentially similar. I mostly focused on what makes them different one to the other like the texture, the pattern, the softness or the smell / perfume.
My collection consists in around 50 objects divided in 4 categories: Pads, Pantyliner and Tampons with applicator or without.

The main concept of my archive is to bring awareness about this object that we’re used to hide. I would like to approach the topic in a neutral way, showing them as something very normal of which you can appreciate the structure, material or texture. More and more i deal with the object I realized that every single one has something that characterize itself. Those objects have an inner taboo that make them “scary” or a theme about which no one wants to talk about. Showing the single part and giving personal information I would like to break this veil and open a possible discussion about them.

2018 - Basel // design: Alice Fada